Frequently asked Questions

Will my proprietary data be able to be viewed by other organizations?

No. All access to Qaeré is user name and password controlled. Only your employees can view your proprietary data.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Qaeré is hosted by Amazon Web Services, one of the premier global hosting organizations. All security and protection will be provided by Amazon's world class hosting facilties.

Will other organizations be able to view the names of my employees and retirees?

No. Names of your employees and retirees will not be visible to other organizations - only their nicknames.

Can I determine who will be permitted to answer my inquiries?

Yes. At time of creating an inquiree, the user can determing whether the inquiry distribution is limited to:

  • - Your organization
  • - Your group (such as fellow subsidiaries of the same holding company)
  • - Your industry (such as all participating organizations in the banking industry)
  • - Your sector (such as public, private, 'not-for-profit', higher education)
How does Qaeré determine the most appropriate people to address my inquiry?

The systems maintains a database of the skills and experiences of all users. Qaeré then uses a complex algorithm to match inquiries to users leveraging this skills and experience database.

Will anyone outside of my organization have access to my KnowledgeBase?

No. Access to the KnowledgeBase is limited to current employees only.

How long before my organization can be 'up and running'?

This depends on the size of your organization, but the setup time can be as little as a few hours.

Can I link Qaeré to existing systems in my organization?

Yes. Interfaces and APIs can be created, but this is not delivered functionality.